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How to buy your Gardenstar

Gardenstar sheds and aviaries are available from many selected hardware stores and garage suppliers.

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Louvre Window

1. Louvre Window

5-blade louvre, including glass for extra light and ventilation. Available in Zinc or 'Smooth Cream' Color.
Dimensions: 700mm high x 580mm wide.

Polycarbonate Window


2. Polycarbonate Window

Virtually unbreakable fixed polycarbonate window for extra light, usually in smaller size garden sheds.
Dimensions: 700mm wide x 300mm high.


 3. Skylight

Ampelite 'Wonderglas' Six-Rib profile to match profile of garden shed cladding.
Dimensions: 750mm wide, roof ridge to eaves

Shelf Kit


4. Shelf Kit

Includes 2 shelf brackets and 3 shelves. Shelf brackets can also be supplied separately.
Dimensions: 900mm high x 900mm wide x 230mm deep.

Extra Door

 5. Extra Door

Extra door – Allows for additional entry point – particularly useful in the larger Gable Truss Roof range.

Double Door


6. Double Door

Double Door – available in opening sizes of 1.5m (standard) or 1.8m, and can be placed in 3.0m or 3.75m panels. It should be noted that for structural reasons Double Doors cannot be placed at the midpoint of the long wall of a Gable Truss shed.

Extra Wall Height

 7. Extra Wall Height

Extra height walls – The standard minimum wall height is 1830mm, but units can be supplied with minimum wall heights of either 1960mm or 2100mm to provide extra headroom and storage space.

Color trim


8. Color trim

Color Trim - All channels, flashing and trim can be supplied in 'Smooth Cream' Color instead of the standard galvanised finish. Colour trim is standard on Chalet range.

Security Kit

 9. Security Kit

Doors and jambs reinforced with square galvanised tube; centre-locking T-handle with 2 keys.



10. Vents

Fixed louvre panel for ventilation, particularly useful in pump sheds and chemical storage sheds.
Dimensions: 250mm high x 700mm wide.


 11. Partitions

Extra panels supplied to divide sheds or aviaries into two or more spaces. These can be solid or can include doors or wire mesh sections if required.

Variations to standard


12. Variations to standard

Many modifications can be incorporated into the standard garden shed units – discuss this with your retailer or contact us.

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