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Built to last.

At Gardenstar we are serious about giving you value for money. We use quality-assured heavy gauge materials to ensure that you get the best garden shed in the market - guaranteed.

6 good reasons to choose Gardenstar

- quality garden sheds which have been manufactured in Tasmania for 35 years.

Strong modular construction

1. Strong modular construction

The strong modular garden shed construction utilises deep-ribbed high-tensile Zinc and Color roll-formed sheet, with heavy gauge channel sections. Manufactured to engineered specifications, testing confirms that when correctly assembled and anchored, Gardenstar garden sheds will easily withstand strong wind loads.

Easy to install

2. Easy to install

Installation Instructions Chalet(PDF),  Flat, Skillion or Gable(PDF)Gable Truss(PDF)Base Dimensions(PDF), Rebating Concrete Slabs(PDF) 

Pre-assembled panels make Gardenstar garden sheds quick and easy to install. We do as much work as possible in the factory to make your job simpler. The galtube reinforced doors are fully fitted, as are skylights, wire sections on aviaries etc. Every Gardenstar product comes with detailed assembly instructions and self-drilling screws, (or you can request rivets if you prefer).

Customisable design system

3. Customisable design system

Versatile design system allows you to specify the position of doors and options such as windows and skylights for your garden shed, as well as selecting either Zinc or any of 16 standard colours.  Download a Layout Planner 

Wide range of options

4. Wide range of options

Wide range of options including 5-blade louvre windows, skylights, double doors, extra height walls, T-handle security sets, as well as a range of anchoring systems to suit various base types, readily available.

Rapid supply times

5. Rapid supply times

Quick response to customer requests: because our factory is located in Hobart there is no delay caused by freighting from interstate - typically even special garden sheds can be manufactured for delivery within 14 days.

10 Year Guarantee

6. 10 Year Guarantee

Every Gardenstar garden shed and aviary is guaranteed against faults in material or workmanship for 10 years. Our 10 Year Guarantee Terms(PDF)

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10 Year Guarantee

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